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Inscripta is the most trusted and cost-effective dictation and transcription service provider. Getting started is free. No license fees or any other additional costs required. You pay only per use.

Who is our service for
  • Public healthcare

  • Municipal healthcare

  • Private healthcare centers

  • Private practicioners

  • Other demanding professionals

Why Inscripta?
  • The most affordable option

  • Ease of use

  • Quality of service

  • Risk free, only pay for the use


Why pay hundreds of euros for old-fashioned dictation devices when everyone already has a mobile device that can be turned into a dictation device in an instant?

With our application, you are genuinely mobile. You can create dictations from the ward, on a home call or even from the ambulance.

The solution works independently of the Electronic Health Record system. Even if the EHR is temporarily out of operation or otherwise not accessible, there’s still no need to revert to pen and paper.

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INS Dictation Application


SIMO SORSAKIVIChief Executive Officer
Background in Cognitive Science and Healthcare Informatics for the past eight years. My vision is to transform the information processes of the healthcare industry by utilising the latest technologies such as mobile solutions and neural networks.
JONI AALTONENChief Technology Officer
Experienced senior full-stack developer with over a decade of experience in designing, developing and maintaining global web applications. Keen eye for design and usability, passionate about software that increases productivity and functionality.
JONI MARTIKAINENChief Operating Officer
Entrepreneurial and people-oriented multi-industry professional with 10+ years of experience from product management, R&D, pre-sales, consulting services, and international business development with focus on data-driven products, services, and organisations.
PETER SMITChief Scientific Officer
Machine learning and speech recognition expert. Since he has finished his Master’s in Machine Learning and Data Mining he has been focused on his PhD work of creating the best possible speech recognition systems. With success; his team won the Multi-genre broadcast challenge 2017, beating other competitors such as MIT and John Hopkins university.
With more than a decade of experience working hands on with Healthcare Informatics Henrik has extensive understanding of Electronic Healthcare Record Systems and documentation processes both in the public and the private sector.
Senior IT professional with life-long experience from public and private sector, customers and supplier side. Last years Harri has been working with customers technology-enabled automation projects (RPA). Passionate about avoiding unnecessary work, yet getting most out of it.

Generally everyone’s feedback has been only positive! This saves our time substantially. Turnaround time for the dictations has been superb and the quality of the transcripts has been excellent as well.

Jukka Pitkänen, chief physician, Heltti



Heltti is in the forefront of providing occupational healthcare for information workers and aims to offer their members the best possible customer experience. An important part of that customer experience is for the doctor to be able to genuinely concentrate on the patient, rather than having to worry about writing the patient notes during the reception.

Inscripta provided Heltti with a dictation and transcription solution which allows the doctors to create patient records within just minutes, either by dictating the notes right after the reception, or later during the workday. The flexibility of the workflow makes daily routines easier and the work more enjoyable.


Public healthcare requires a degree of efficiency, that could not be achieved without scalable dictation and transcription services.

Inscripta delivered a robust dictation and transcription solution to the city of Valkeakoski’s social and healthcare. With our solution, the city saves annually over 30% compared to what they had used previously.

Additionally, we have shortened the transcription turnaround time to only tens of minutes instead of hundred hours which was the requirement.


Suomen Ihosairaala, the first private clinic in Finland to focus solely on dermatology, just opened a practice right in the heart of Helsinki city center. In order to attract the best professionals, Ihosairaala wanted to offer Inscripta’s dictation and transcription solution to their dermatologists.

Inscripta’s flexible pricing model without any upfront costs or investments in hardware allowed Ihosairaala to begin using the service even with a lower initial volume.

Our flexible service model is a perfect fit for healthcare providers of any size, ranging from small private clinics all the way to healthcare districts with thousands of professionals.


Getting started is free and can be done in an instant.
No commitment to contract periods. Try now!


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